MindWorks Ventures

MindWorks Venture is a venture capital firm with office in Hong Kong and London. We invest in the brightest people solving difficult problems in the Southeast Asia and Greater China region.

We think big with our partners and provide support to achieve their largest aspirations.


Stages and Region

We invest in early and expansion-stage, Asia-based technology start-ups.

Initial investments range from US$1-2 million with approximately US$5-10 million anticipated in total funding over the investment life of our typical portfolio company.

Sector and Region Focus

We look for companies that have the potential to build entirely new ecosystems or reinvent entire industries. We invest in these industries before they become apparent.

As the world’s most populated region, we believe Asia’s adoption and innovation rate of technology will continue to rise and exceed the rest of the world.


We believe that the traditional “black-box” fund structure is broken with greater agency risk to investors now than ever.

Our innovative fee structure is set out to realign investor’s interest thus allowing the greatest degree of transparency and value-added participation.




Our Insights

We leverage on our proprietary Asia insight generated from the investment team and institutionalized corporate relationships to invest in disruptive startups in the region.


Institutionalized corporate relationships with the most significant Asian technology, Internet, companies in Greater China and South East Asia region.

Unique DNA

MindWorks has the experience and unique team DNA to acquire first hand Asia insight consistently and effectively.

Localized Understanding

First-hand on the ground insights into and comprehensive understanding of the dynamics and trends in the Asian technology markets.

Active Partnership

We are in the company-building business, not the “deal” or “capital” business. We are active partners who do everything we can for our companies and work on the ground with them.

Creative Strategic Planning

When good isn’t good enough, we help you think outside the box, and we help you change the rules. Every business goes through pivotal moments – cave on a term or lose a customer, cancel the product line or keep it in market; we will help you thru it.  

Direct Straightforward Style

Change depends on unreasonable people. Don’t assume–analyze. We prefer brutal honesty to hypocritical politeness. We will challenge you without confronting you but once we pick a management team, we back it and don’t second-guess it.




“We want to build companies with a creative monopoly dervied from innovation so significant it allows them to evade the competitions entirely.” David Chang – MindWorks


Our Investment Approach

While people matters, MindWorks also believes in hypothesis-driven investing. Instead of following trends and entering a crowded market to become yet another mediocre player, MindWorks seeks out companies that creates their own market and ecosystem.


At this stage, we focus on understanding industry dynamics and market trends in the technology markets of South East Asia and Greater China. MindWorks then seek out partners to fill inefficiencies and problems gaps in these industries.


We leverage our unique DNA to interact directly with our portfolio companies to provide the crucial “link” necessary to establish a meaningful business relationship. We will continue to ensure that these synergistic relationships will continue to grow.

Redefining the VC Industry

MindWorks is set out to change the fund industry by redefining the traditional fund fees structure. For more information please email info@mwsventure.com  


Our Portfolio

We believe our companies speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

EasyVan – LaLaMove
Air Bay Creative

Our Team

David Chang

David Chang

Hong Kong View Details
Richard Greer

Richard Greer

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Joe Chan

Joe Chan

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Suni Goonetillake

Suni Goonetillake

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David Chang

David Chang

Hong Kong

David has been involved with some of the most transformative companies to emerge from Silicon Valley and Asia. While working in finance, David started investing and advising his family’s office with a focus in media technologies. Their previous investments includes Buslogic (became Mylex), Crossroads Systems, Alvesta, Ledel Semiconductors (acquired by Siliconix) and UT Starcom.

David has worked as an Analyst in Morgan Stanley, Vice President in Credit Suisse and Director at Guosen Securities in Hong Kong. David is passionate about fitness, bio-tech and wearables. He is a triathlete and Crossfitter.

Richard Greer

Richard Greer


Richard Greer was educated at Winchester College and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, and began his working career with Jardine Matheson, in Hong Kong and Japan, where he lived for fifteen years. He helped establish in 1982 what became Baring Securities, in Tokyo, where he was also the representative for the European Union investment banks with the Japanese Ministry of Finance. Based in London from 1993, he was head of research at Baring Securities and later at Caspian Securities and Commerzbank. Between 2005 and 2008 he worked at WMG Limited, a wealth management company, and in 2011 he joined Suni Goonetillake at Laurel Capital Kingsway LLP.

He is a non-executive director of the Schroder Japan Growth Fund, a UK listed investment trust, and is a director of ChillTechnologies Limited. He is on the boards of a number of charitable groups, all of which are active in the creative sector. Richard is an avid art collector and owns one of the large collection of decommissioned World War II tanks.

Joe Chan

Joe Chan

Hong Kong

Joe Chan is an angel investor and veteran TMT investor. Prior to that, Chan has worked for Guosen Securities, one of the largest investment banks in China, as a director and an analyst of Central Asset Investment which is an multi-year award winning asset management firm. Chan has multi-year experience in helping startups on deal structuring ,fund raising as well as international expansion.

Suni Goonetillake

Suni Goonetillake


1982-1985: Ernst and Young, Chartered Accountant
1986-1993: Citibank London, Head of Equity Derivative Sales
1993-1999: Peregrine Hong Kong, Head of Equity Derivative Sales
1999-2005: Commerzbank AG, Co-Head of Equities
2005-2009: Nordea, Copenhagen, Head of Equity Trading and Derivatives
2009-2010: Bryan Garnier, London, Partner
Non-executive Director of MEC Asia Fund, Executive Director of SingXpress Land and Xpress Group, listed on the Singapore and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges