Qinghao Li & Gui Jia

Co-founder, CEO & COO

Qinghao Li
Co-founder, CEO
Formerly worked in CCTV News Center and Human Resources Center, as director of CCTV Americas
Worked at New Oriental Education Technology Group and a large state-owned enterprise, engaged in business operation management
Former vice president of CreditEase Wealth, responsible for CreditEase Wealth’s strategy, institutional and channel business development, etc.

Gui Jia
Co-founder, COO
Worked as a senior director at New Oriental and was one of the founders of the “Primary and Secondary School VIP Business”
Worked at the Merchants Group of Hainan Pilot Zone, and was in charge of overseas investment promotion
Former president assistant of CreditEase Wealth, responsible for financial consultant training and technology empowerment, institutional and channel promotion, etc.