Shing Chow

Founder & CEO

From Stanford graduate to professional poker player, his on-demand intra-city logistics platform has helped millions across Asia.

In 1995 Shing Chow became the first ever student in the New Territories to achieve 10As in public exams while living in temporary housing as a child. He started work conventionally enough at an international consultancy after earning an economics degree from Stanford, but after three years he left to become a professional poker player in Macau, then accumulated HK$30 million in winnings by the time he left the poker tables in 2010.

He used his winnings and proceeds from property investment to launch logistics start-up Lalamove in 2013. Shing quit professional poker because it is a zero-sum game. He wants to create value by building a home-grown technology company.

When it comes to criteria for success, Shing says a person’s background, intelligence and academic aptitude can’t compare to hard work. The key is to persist in doing something you have great passion for.